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Cresting 8am... I might as well go for an all-dayer at this point... #teamnosleep (Reply)
    Hello, my name is Tyler. I'm a 12,839 day old web developer from upstate New York. I've been building websites since the age of 14. I work full time as a web developer and Linux server administrator. I specialize in PHP/MySQL development and have a passion for building AJAX style web applications. I also freelance and social network in my spare time so add me as a friend on the sites below and say hello!

    When I'm not at my desk, most of my free time is spent hiking with my camera gear strapped to my side/back. I'm on my way to becoming a 46er. I love working with the earth. I used to spend days trail building (bmx dirt jumps) but now I seem to have replaced that with gardening and landscaping. During the winter months I enjoy snowboarding and try to get a few runs in every storm. Being in nature is my passion.
Family & Friends, Pen & Ink Drawing, Pencil Sketching, Painting, Photography, Reading, Snowboarding, Fixed Gear Track Bikes, Nature, Hiking, Backpacking, Spelunking, Survival Exploring, Bonsai, Tattoos, Piercings
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